Бобик-Снобик. Натуральные лакомства для собак
Our team

Our company "BertonLi" produces goodies for family pets for over 10 years. In the meantime we have learned needs and preferences of our pets and now we know how to provide them with healthy and joy life.
"Bobik-Snobik" is a new brand on the Belarusian market. However, our goodies for dogs have already won trust in many countries of the European Union and the CIS.

About us

“Bobik-Snobik” is natural dried delicacies for dogs of all breeds and ages, made from the best beef and chicken whole foods, without additives, colourants and taste boosters. We produce our goods with endless love and tremulous care for pets. Whole foods are scurpulously washed and carefully dried on hardwood firewood which allows us to save all the useful properties of food. As a result of high-quality drying delicacies have a pleasant smell for animals, while not unpleasant to humans. Each dog has its own physique features, lifestyle, tastes and preferences. We want to please your favorite pets, giving them not just a tasty but also a useful product. That’s why we have developed a line of various dog treats so that the owner could find the appropriate product for his pet.
    On the merits we can talk about natural delicacies for a long time:
  • promote the development of masticatory muscles, strengthen the gums;
  • prevent the formation of tartar;
  • have a positive effect on the metabolic processes of the body, the condition of the skin and coat of the dog;
  • promote long-term dog agility, etc.
Just try to please your dog and its reaction will say for our product!  

The BertanLi company is a permanent partner of a progressive Minsk football club “Siabar – BertanLi” (BertanLi-friend)! The fans of the club call the players “Belarusian Croats” cause of the unique white-purple t-shirts.

The amateur football club (A.F.C.) “Siabar-BertanLi” is an amateur football club from Minsk. The date of establishment is August 2007. Now the team plays in the largest and most powerful amateur Belarusian Premier League and took Superiority twice! A.F.C. “Siabar-BertanLi” played 2 times in the Cup of Belarus and was tilted against professional teams. The “Siabar-BertanLi” players also take part in official competitions, representing the Supreme Commander, First and Second League Belarus Championship. This shows a high level of the amateur league and gives weight to achievments of “Siabar”!
    1. Team history and its achievements
    2. Member of the Minsk Football League in 2008
    3. Current member of Amateur Football Association (AFA) Championship since 2009
    4. Silver medalist of AFA Belarusian Second League in 2010.
    5. Open Cup Finalists of Base League in 2011
    6. Bronze medalist of AFA Winter Championship in 2011-12
    7. Champion of AFA First League Cup in 2012
    8. Semifinalist of AFA Cup in 2013
    9. Silver Medalist of AFA Winter Championship in 2013-14
    10. Bronze medalist of AFA in 2014
    11. Silver medalist of Luch Winter Cup in 2014-15
    12. Silver medalist of Minsk Cup in 2015
    13. Silver medalist of Luch Winter Cup in 2015-16
    14. Champion of AFA High League in 2015
    15. AFA Cup Winner in 2015
    16. AFA Super Cup Winner in 2015-16
    17. Champion of AFA High League in 2016
    18. Champion of Luch Winter Cup in 2016-17
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